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Sedó; who we are

In 1889, in the midst of the Industrial Revolution, a young entrepreneur called Pablo Sedó Vives came up with an idea that still exists 120 years later.
In an essentially agricultural region to the south of the province of Tarragona in Spain, this young man discovered that the local farmers were growing jute, which they later wove on primitive looms and used the resulting material to protect merchandise, manufacture transport sacks, etc.

Initially he bought the material from them, but ended up installing these primitive looms in the basement of the old family house, which still stands today.

After this, the evolution was a logical one. From jute he moved on to cotton, and from cotton to cotton polyester, and then a whole series of complementary processes were added in the 1950s such as dyeing, waterproofing and paraffin coating.

In the 1970s the company started experimenting, almost as a game, with meltable thermoplastics, with very little idea that the road it was embarking on would lead to the company as it exists today.

Once established on this road, new and bigger investments in technology followed on from each other. The company went on improving, innovating and developing newer and better products through to the present day, and has just opened a new plant.

When we look back, we can see how we have gone from jute to manufacturing plastics for containing biogas, materials for making major tensile structures, grilles for heat protection, barriers to contain hydrocarbon spills, products for transport, digital printing and signage, anti-vandal systems, pressure valve structures, and much more.

A host of new uses, which we invite you to come and discover in this innovative general catalogue.

Today, 120 years after that young entrepreneur had his idea, the fourth generation of the family, headed by Carlos Sedó and his team of staff, continues to run the company with the same innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and vocation for customer service with which this venture, now called INDUSTRIAL SEDÓ, began.